When you stop to look from a new perspective, when you take time to think, when you see the world with fresh eyes and discover new insights then you create a space for clarity. A clear mind cuts through the clutter to focus on the most important priorities. A clear mind gives rise to a clear voice and more effective communication. A clear mind unlocks the door to intentional action and makes things happen.


A friend really listens, a friend understands, a friend can be trusted, a friend encourages. Friends give unconditional positive regard, they stand by you in turbulent times. Friends come on the journey with you. Friends give of themselves, so that you can realise your potential and become who you were created to be. An Expand coach is a professional friend and trusted advisor, who will explore new ideas and create journey plans with you.

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As you set out on your leadership development journey there’s always a sense of being at the start of a great adventure or on the threshold of a new landscape that’s just waiting to be explored and discovered. We will have extraordinary conversations that provide the space for new insights to emerge, inspire intuitive leaps and lead to personal transformation and growth.

Establish a Journey Plan


When 1 individual understands the Truth it initiates a personal Revolution. Unlike the shifting sands of short term targets, the truth is a solid rock on which you can stand and build. So we discover the reality with you and speak the truth with ruthless compassion. Once you fully grasp the truth, you reach the turning point at which fundamental change can occur, a transformation that changes everything so that you will never go back, but instead press forwards with the assurance and conviction of a world changer.


Wisdom is the art of fruitful living. We see life, work and the world as a gift to give and receive. People become more fruitful when they engage in activities that play to their strengths, they become more productive, effective and satisfied. People become more fruitful when they discover their unique gifts and pursue ways of using this treasure to make a difference.


Living with integrity not only means doing what you say you will do, when you say you will do it... It means living a life of wholeness, where your words, actions, focus and priorities are cognisant with who you are in relation to yourself and to others. Integrity means knowing yourself and leading out of who you are.


We engage in deeper learning which is about nourishing the inner life and providing a space for renewal to fuel performance, because behaviour flows out of who we are, what we believe, the values we hold dear, what we think and how we feel. It takes more than a new year’s resolution to transform behaviour, it takes courage, conviction and commitment. It takes heart.


Expand seeks to bring people into a place of freedom. Freedom to realise potential. Freedom to choose the best response for every situation. People who are free can take responsibility, make the wise decisions, step up to greatness, inspire others and make their mark on the world.


An Expand coach is not simply a performance coach that works on shifting behaviour. We work at a deeper level on needs and beliefs to set people free from limiting fears, behaviours and barriers, into flourishing, a place of vigorous growth, where they are in the zone, experience being in flow and produce lasting visible fruit. Our core desire is to release the potential talents, energy, creativity and leadership in every individual and team we work with. To release people and organisations into fullness of life.

Establish a Journey Plan