Quote - Ideation is the creation and formation of ideas and concepts via immersion, bottom line thinking, creative brainstorming and strategic planning.

I have brought Expand in for special projects to give our team a strategic and creative boost. They bring a pragmatic approach to campaign planning that helps us cut through the clutter and focus investment where it will deliver the most impact.
(MD, UK Advertising Agency)


Expand designs and delivers strategy workshops and creative brainstorms, to develop new ideas and plans for growth. We work with teams seeking an injection of fresh thinking for their organisation strategy, product development or marketing communication campaigns.


Ideation workshops provide teams with the opportunity to explore the challenges and issues they face. We guide teams through an empowering process of developing awareness, clarifying goals, taking stock of current circumstances, identifying barriers to success, exploring options, then developing effective solutions and operational plans.


An idea can change everything. But people often confuse planning with doing! So we work closely with our clients to turn big ideas into reality. Working as an extension to their team, we shape ideas into deliverable programs and provide step by step execution support. The greatest journeys start with a single step. Action is everything. So let’s begin!


We also facilitate honest conversations in the boardroom. Effective teams are a product of their combined talent, inspiring leadership, positive relationships, clear goals and rules of engagement.

We enable teams to identify and access the talents of each individual, establish shared values and purpose and create successful ways of working, so that they can work more effectively together as a high performance team.