How to Select a Coach?

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Posted by Jason Dawn at 1:05 PM


How Does Coaching Work?

The Inner Game author Timothy Gallwey said “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is teaching them to learn rather than teaching them” Psychologists have come to understand that we are not just empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge and behavioural habits, rather we are more like acorns with all the potential to become magnificent oaks, given the right nourishment, light.  A coach who wants to re-programme you is barking up the wrong tree!

Coaching works best when you have the desire to learn and grow and your coach understands the kind of encouragement you need in order to flourish and grow more fully into the person yopu were created to be.  The art of coaching is simply to ask the right question, at the right time, in the right way and to provide the space for you see things afresh and choose the best path forwards. A good coach acts as a catalyst for you to change and grow.

We work in close partnership with our clients to provide an honest and objective challenge to your views and actions. We act as a sounding board for you to explore and develop new ideas. And we hold you accountable for high level results often beyond what you originally thought possible.

Coaching works by unlocking your potential.  As a result you will develop improved clarity, increased will, determination and self belief. You will cultivate new skills and capabilities. And you will find that you have it in you to apply yourself more productively in the workplace, tackling bigger challenges, with more confidence and achieving better results.

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Do I Need Coaching?

The simple answer is that nobody needs coaching, but it can really help! Executive coaching is not the solution to all your problems or the magic dust that can transform you from what you are into something you are not! But it is true that the vast majority of people operate at a level below their potential. There’s so much more potential in you just waiting to be discovered and unleashed!

Coaching is a key that you can use to unlock your innate potential. A good coach will help you to increase in self awareness, to get clear on your goals and to establish new more effective ways of working. You are more resourceful than you realise. You already have the resources you need to perform at a higher level. The role of a coach is simply to enable you to access those resources and apply them more effectively.

So whilst you don’t need coaching, if you want to achieve new levels of personal effectiveness, enhance your team management capabilities, build more fruitful working relationships or increase your leadership influence, then coaching really can help you accomplish your goal.

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